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Pete Maravich's Biography

Pete Maravich was destined for basketball stardom. Born in 1947, Pete amazed his family and friends with his basketball abilities from an early age. Pete would obsessively spend hours practicing ball control tricks, passes, head fakes and long range shots.

Maravich earned the nickname “Pistol Pete” because he was too weak to shoot a jumper over his head and would shoot it from his hip, like a cowboy shooting from a holster. Ready, set, draw or in Pete’s words, “finger tip control, backspin and follow through.”

Brought into the basketball world by his father Press, Pete was programmed to play basketball. He would take the ball to the movie theatre and dribble the ball during the matinee on the right side and then move over to the left seat to dribble on the left side.

Pete made the high school varsity team as an eighth grader at Daniel High School. He did a behind the back pass that brought the crowd to their feet.

Going onto a stellar high school career at Needham-Broughton High School in North Carolina and Edwards Military Academy, Pete went as a package deal with Press to LSU. Pete broke just about every NCAA scoring record that existed and still holds most of them. At 44.2 points per game and 3667 career points in three seasons, these records are not likely to be broken in our lifetime. Just imagine if there was a three point line during Pete’s ere as it is estimated he made seven 3 pointers per game.

After his record breaking years at LSU and offers from the Harlem Globetrotters and the ABA, Pete chose the NBA. The Atlanta Hawks drafted Pete in 1970 and he became the highest paid athlete in a team sport at that time. Pete played with the Atlanta Hawks from 1970-74 and then became the Louisiana Purchase in 1974, playing with the New Orleans Jazz from 1974-79. They moved to Utah for the 1979-80 season so Pete finished the second half of that season with the Boston Celtics.

Upon retiring from basketball, Pete wandered aimlessly around for two years until he found his savior in Jesus Christ. A voice was calling him in the night to do the Lord’s work.

From that time on, Pete enjoyed public speaking and passing on the teachings of Jesus Christ to anyone and everyone. Having a lovely family with a beautiful wife Jackie and two young sons Jaeson and Joshua, Pete seemed to finally be at peace with himself.

On January 5 th, 1988 Pete died on a basketball court due to arrhythmia. This heart condition showed that Pete had only one heart valve where most people have two. Pete died doing what he loved, namely playing basketball and passing on the words of Jesus Christ.

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